Out 2.0 is a group of various tile collections that are available in a 3/4" thick porcelain tile paver. Most of these are available in 24" x 24" tiles but a few are available in some larger squares and rectangles too! The idea behind these pavers is simple; the tiles are thick enough to stand up to stress on their own. These tiles can be dry set eliminating the need for traditional concrete substrates. While the 3/4" thick pieces are slightly more expensive than a traditional 3/8" porcelain tile, the price difference is easily offset by the elimination of pouring concrete and then proceeding with traditional tile installation techniques. In the case of the paver, simply follow the instructions of laying a compacted sand and gravel bed and you have a durable, permeable, and removable (think ruptured pipes) surface for your exterior applications! The extra thickness is extra convenient because the edges can simply be left slightly eased for coping and capping applications. 31 colors!

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