La Nova

is a contemporary tradition, just like the art of tile. We combine our Spanish and Italian- style aesthetics with a sustainable selection of porcelain slabs, glass, natural stone and recycled tile from around the world. We make it modern, sophisticated, and timeless.

I love color. I think people need more color in their lives.
— Erick Calderon in front of the "Rethink! Houston Streets" collection by La Nova

Erick Calderon

President of La Nova Tile

Erick Calderon is a Houston businessman, entrepreneur, and artist fascinated with technology.

After a few small startups in college which included a snow cone stand called SnowFro Refreshments across the street from the University of Texas, Erick came back to Houston to launch his main endeavor La Nova Tile Importers in 2004.

La Nova is a business focused on bringing the most technically advanced ceramic tile products to the Houston Architecture and Design industry focusing on contemporary tiles and slabs from Spain and Italy.

Once La Nova Tile was well established Erick began to branch out into the electronics industry with the successful launch of the Sebbo wristband on Kickstarter in 2013. He kept tinkering with technology while exploring digital arts including developing applications for simplified projection mapping projects that could operate on mobile devices.

In 2016 Erick discovered blockchain technology as he started researching the Bitcoin network and realized that the technology had the potential to disrupt not only the fintech industry but could have a positive and profound impact on just about every single sector of commerce.

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