The Glacier/3D Hex collection has been a huge undertaking for La Nova! Originally spotted at a trade show, the original factory that manufactured this material in Japan went out of business just a few months after we started buying the collection. So we had to find alternatives and ended up working with a factory in Spain to make it for us. Pricing is much higher from Spain so we've reverted back to the Japanese factory which is back in business for the standard colors but are now enjoying twice the color options by combining the two sources for the material! La Nova is also excited to make custom blends in house for your more unique projects. Simply tell us the ratio of the colors you'd like to see and for an additional fee we can mix them for you! We can even make gradients!

In terms of pricing please note that the original six colors (Snow, River, Rock, Grass, Water and Bloom) are more competitive than the newer colors but overall still a very affordable collection!

Click here to see the 17 colors of Glacier/3D Hex.