Launching Summer 2019

Chromie Tile from La Nova with HRG-Heralgi

stylish-tile-for-your-home-chromie-la-nova-tile Cropped.jpg

Introducing Chromie

Launching Summer 2019

La Nova Tile is partnering once again with HRG-Heralgi to bring you a truly unique tile, Chromie. This new line of tile was born out of a love for both art and blockchain technology and features a stylish spectrum of color. There’s no tile out there quite like this!

What is Chromie?

generative art chromie squiggle la nova tile Cropped.jpg

The brand new Chromie line is based off a 100% unique iteration of a generative art project called Chromie Squiggle. Each squiggle is generated algorithmically using data in a hash string to determine the locations of the points as well as the colors that you see.

Did you receive one these at Christmas?  We sent out 2,000 Chromie Squiggles last year!

Only 10,000 Chromie Squiggles will ever be claimed. By claiming your Interface Token and registering your squiggle you are claiming one of a limited edition of 10,000 pieces of generative art on a first of it’s kind platform!

How to Claim

The process of claiming your Interface Token and registering your Chromie Squiggle is pretty simple. You need to install an Ethereum wallet on your computer that allows you to interact with Ethereum enabled websites. The most common and refined one is called Metamask and is available as an extension for various browsers.

Once you install (and secure) your Metamask account, you’ll be given your public address, which is essentially your account number. It will be shown at the top of your Metamask window, probably as “Account 1” directly underneath where it says “Main Ethereum Network”. To claim your Interface Token and register your Chromie Squiggle all you need to do is click that account address, which will automatically be copied to your clipboard, and paste it in this Interface Token request form along with your name, e-mail address, and the block number noted on the back of your squiggle print.

blockchain technology art chromie squiggles la nova tile.JPG

We will mint an Interface Token that represents that Ethereum block that generated your Chromie Squiggle, use it to register your squiggle on the Chromie Squiggle Art Node, and then send the Interface Token to your account address. You will get an email with additional information including links to the transaction where your Chromie Squiggle was registered and how to see your Interface Token in your account plus a vector image of your squiggle!

This process is 100% free by the way. All you need to do is install Metamask and send us your account address and you’ll get your token and squiggle registered (and the vector file for you to use for whatever purpose you want). No strings attached we promised… just a glimpse into the future of design.