Hey there! If you're here that means your interest has been piqued from our little new year's initiative and we're super excited about that.

Below is the same F.A.Q. that was found on your letter but we'll be adding stuff as more questions arise over the next few weeks.

Also we wanted to start an industry wide conversation for those that are curious about blockchain tech and want to be able to ask questions. Plus we'll use this as a medium to talk about upcoming events, CEUs, and participation opportunities.

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Q: So I have this MUE.  Now how do I spend it?

A: Well, for now it’s not really worth enough to do anything with 1 MUE other than hold onto it. Eventually if/when the value increases, you will be able to send this to a currency exchange and exchange it for bitcoin which you can then turn into dollars. Or, if Bitcoin continues to make progress, you might be able to spend the Bitcoin with merchants online. Also, more and more vendors are starting to accept alternative cryptocurrencies like MUE, so you may get to simply pay with MUE for things you need although we don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.


Q: OK I can’t spend it quite yet, but how do I check the value of my MUE.

A: MUE is one of thousands of currencies listed on a website http://coinmarketcap.com. You can go there and search MUE and see the current value in USD. If you want to monitor the value of MUE (and other cryptocurrencies), you can also download an app called Blockfolio and add (“+”) 1 MUE to your portfolio. This will also help you track any other cryptocurrencies you are invested in or curious about as well.


 Q: What is the address and private key listed on my wallet?

A: Think of your address like you account number. All funds on a blockchain are associated with an “address”. Think of the “private key” as the password that unlocks the funds at that address. Anyone with access to your private key can take control of your funds, so keep it to yourself.


Q: Why MUE?

A: Out of the thousands of cryptocurrency projects out there, MUE is one of the projects where the value of the coin was small enough to where we could send everyone in the industry an entire coin. MUE also has enough potential for the value to increase over time ,and hopefully you would take an interest in monitoring its progress.  The MUE project also has a great community and is involved in a  lot of great projects that are helping bridge the cryptocurrency island to the real world.


 Q: What if I don’t want to participate in cryptocurrencies? 

A: Simply throw this piece of paper away or give it to a neighbor that is curious. 


Q: Is there somewhere I can see the value of my paper wallet?

A: Yes! Please visit https://chainz.cryptoid.info/mue/ and type in your address into the search box at the top. Here you will see the balance of MUE controlled by that address and any associated transactions as well.


Q: I realize there’s not much to spend this amount of MUE on at the moment but how can I access it anyways.

A: At the moment there is only one way to access your MUE which is to download the MUE wallet software on your computer, install it, let it synchronize with the blockchain, and then import your private key listed on the attached card. To do so (after the blockchain has synchronized) you will click Tools > Debug Console and then in the input box you will type “importprivkey” (without quotation marks) followed by your private key. Starting in January the Monetary Unit Foundation will start releasing much more user friendly options for accessing your funds. You can check in with us at http://www.lanovatile.com/blockchain for updated info or you can always visit  http://monetaryunit.org for the most current options from the MUE Foundation.


Q: What’s next?

A: La Nova Tile is focusing on implementations of blockchain technology into the construction industry and will be hosting various events and conferences in collaboration with other local pioneers on the subject. If you’re interested in being notified of events or even getting involved please contact us at info@lanovatile.com for more information. 2018 will be a revolutionary year and we’d love to have you come along in our exploration of Blockchain technology.